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Edgewood State Hospital Tunnels -
The tunnels beneath the Edgewood grounds have long been a topic of discussion. Many people have heard "something about" them, but some of the "Edgewood Fans" were not sure they actually existed. The truth is they DID exist, and were a very popular hangout with the exploring kids of the day.

If you have explored the tunnels and understand their layout, it would be of great help if you were willing to contribute your knowledge to this section of the site.

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sickpeople   1/8/2004 9:02:33 PM
I heard there is tunnels that lead to underground civilizations, that only certain peaople learned about. This civilization dates back to the early 1980's and the underground civilization is known as the "Mullet Heads", This is just rumor, but it is said, that if you walk those tunnels you can hear the faint sounds of Twisted Sister.
JIM M   1/8/2004 11:09:47 PM
dickhead   1/13/2004 6:58:57 AM
turtle   1/18/2004 7:35:07 PM
I am not sure about the finger tunnels, but the main feed tunnel from the power house to the hospital is sealed. No they are not welded, but cemented over. You can still see the original cement slabs if you know where to look.
Joe   1/31/2004 7:28:34 PM
The entire tunnel is filled with cement or just the entrances??
DB247   2/1/2004 5:17:33 PM
Most of the tunnel entrances were filled with dirt before the concrete caps were put over the welded manholes.
Sue S   2/10/2004 1:36:12 PM
The truth about the tunnel is the do exist, I have seen one of the entrances it is off of OCR, I never went in I heard there were rats down there, and being a girl had to pass on that. Rummor has it that the tunnels are still there and if you go in them on the day, and time exactly when she went down you can still get into the building "she comes back from the dead." And can roam the halls if you are brave enough to. But beware you have to get out by midnight because if you don't you will be trapped until the next anniversary of her when once again she will rise. Hey who want to write an Edgewood Horror Film............
Joe   2/10/2004 9:28:14 PM
What is this nonsense?
Sue S   2/10/2004 10:09:52 PM
Its not nonsense it is from a story I wrote years ago about Edgewood, I think Edgewood would make a great horror story. I just don't have the time finish it. Could you imagine if the building was still standing what an great place for a horror film. I wish I would have had the insight to have taken pictures and footage of the building. But when you are young you don't think like that. I like sickpeople version of the underground civilization but what is a "Mullet Head"? That what Edgewood does it inspires you to dream.
iownit   2/10/2004 10:40:30 PM
Joe   2/11/2004 2:58:25 PM
Iownit - do you have any maps of the tunnels?
iownit   2/16/2004 4:08:25 PM
if they make a horror film about edgewood or as we called it the building they will have to get me to go over the script because i know more than anyone about my home and if i saw mullet or grimer what ever they are they would be shot on sight ha ha copper guess who
iownit   2/16/2004 4:10:03 PM
the tunnels ruled but not ever ass hole walks around with a camera dah only if he or she has no life i slept in the crown
iownit   2/17/2004 1:23:04 PM
hey joe do you think while i was in the tunnels partying my ass off i said to myself hey maybe i should draw a map or take a picture so in the future if some one asks me if ive been here i could prove it dah go outside once in awhile and get off the freakin computer deer park legend
manowar   2/17/2004 3:56:12 PM
what the hell is everyone talking about the tunnels went from the main to the power house with one going to the dab thats what we called it there was no storys there was no rats there was just 20 guys hammerd with no flash light a broken lighter manowar or priest or maiden cranking.or lets not forget twisted and thats it.the only guy whos making sence here is I OWN IT true soilder of death
iownit   2/18/2004 11:01:01 AM
thank you manowar you also are a true soilder of death i miss the wild times lets spread the word to joe tell the people how we ruled it the morge
OCR   2/18/2004 6:15:19 PM
tunnels in middle of woods still there to this day. some have bin caved in and big caps on top of entrance in woods.
sickpeople   2/22/2004 3:39:09 PM
I have been to Edgewood more then anyone, I am 65 years old, I went 50 years ago. I used to worship satan in the tunnels, and sacrafice lots of animals. im insane.
iownit   2/25/2004 1:49:27 PM
you must be a friend of dick heads
iownit   2/28/2004 9:54:16 PM
i love you all
CHAMP   3/22/2004 7:16:29 PM
CHAMP   3/22/2004 7:17:35 PM
oxygen   4/17/2004 10:03:36 PM

Tunnel Map...
uboat commander   4/27/2004 5:10:33 PM
CHAMP in the old days there was power so no big deal to go EAST.
Jimmy C   5/21/2004 7:47:25 PM
Back in the late 70''s my friends and I used to go into the main building. The ground floor was bricked up so we climbed to the second floor windows and went in. We would go up the stairways to the roof elevator room and walk across a plank that was across the top of the elevator shaft, Then we climbed a ladder to the highest roof. The roof was covered in copper sheets. We used to taunt the security guards by yelling down at thier cars from that roof.

At that time the hospital was still relatively intact. Beds were still in the rooms as well as some gurneys. There was a stainless steel kitchen of some sort on each floor. The elevator motor had a huge brass gear on it. We went into the basement too. The elevator was in the basement with the doors broken open. There was some sort of laboratory in the basement which still had chairs tables and shelves with jars. Behind this room was the entryway to one tunnel but we only travelled halfway through it and never went to the end.

One of my friends told me that he had visited a morgue in one of the buildings and it was scary.
nuthouse2   6/28/2004 10:50:52 PM
Hello,I'm Joe;Joe B.I use to work at Grumman,Entenmanns,SUNY state colleges,now I'm a bus driver soon to be in a hospital as a full time worker.I'm in the Huntington area.All the time Edgewood hospital was standing,I never went there;only once me and this girl went there,but were told we couldn't stay by security people who must've been guarding the place after all the vandalism over the years. .We could've persisted but we didn't.I did walk on the grounds in the early 90's,and from the former Edgewood site,I went into Pilgrim -there are also tunnels on those grounds;I didn't go in them yet.I see some buildings at Pilgrim state are being torn down;I want to get this hospital on video,because it won't be there much longer probably;since the state wants to build a mini city there.I'm sorry I didn't film Edgewood,but I can film Pilgrim state before it gets demolished by the construction crews.Theres a lot of history at these hospitals(Pilgrim and former Edgewood).I remember a full parking lot in the late 60's at Edgewood,when my father drove by there.SUNY Farmingdale also has tunnels(steam tunnels) and some bomb shelters,but the doors are padlocked.Very interesting down there.Anyone whos interested in tunnels should check out the NY city subway tunnels;I use to film them from the train and also I walked into them a little.Most likely this will be harder now(thanks to the terror attacks,massive security percautions,and sometimes from people that ruin a good thing).Now,it's 2004,and you may not be able to film in the subways anymore(unless you have the camera on and your walking and holding it down by your side and hide the red indicator light).I managed to walk a few hundred feet into the broadway nassau subway station in lower Manhatten ,in the summer of 2002;but I'm sure it's well guarded now.
nuthouse2   6/28/2004 11:04:36 PM
Joe B again;heres an interesting site ,also type in google "underground bases and tunnels" for a lot of topics.Everybody wants to keep open space and preserve forests(I know I do;I don't want everything built up),but where do we put all these people? Someday,the only solution will be another planet;but there is no other planet(in this solar system and galaxy);to bad Venus isn't just like Earth was 10,000 years ago.
Rotten13   8/15/2004 10:16:13 AM
Manowar!! Whoa!! we were all true soldiers of death. I don't remember these grimer guys either but if we saw them they would have been history.
EDGETTE   10/30/2004 12:27:07 PM
The tunnels are real...the first time I went to edgewood was in September of 1985 - Hurricane Gloria caused a power outtage and there was no school - it was the first week of 9th grade at Frost. Anyway, I, along w/ my 2 girlfriends (C.B. and D.C. who had already been there before) met up with the "guys" (our guy pals they practically lived there) at 7-11, grabbed a couple of boxes of matches w/ off the counter and off we went. I don't remember any rats or bugs...then again, I was trying not to look down because whatever little vision you had ahead of you was well needed because there were huge pipes that you had to duck under and straddle over. After making our way through the tunnel, and out into the open air, we had to RUN into the main building because security was there and there was no way they were going in the building....once we were inside we were safe. (but i will save stories of the building for another post)
I am so glad to see that this site is up and running, so many memories! I was one of the few girls in my grade that was into Maiden,Priest,Dio - funny, because I just saw Man-O-War at the Vanderbuilt 2 years ago HEAVY METAL !!!!!
Lumen   10/31/2004 1:30:31 AM
There were actually tunnels to the main building and to the nurses' quarters. Once got chased by security (think it was L&M Security at the time) into the nurses quarters and had to go from there to the main building with just a book of matches. Ah, youth.
KenRad   11/26/2004 8:29:25 PM
Went into the tunnels way back in '75 the first time, and the power was still on. They were lit up from end to end, and we found all sorts of crap down there. They were our own way in for years, we kept our own defective lock that you could open up with ANY key on the tunnel doors way off in the woods. We also turned on lights on just about every floor in 102 that still had intact wiring... almost everything worked back then. Later on, they cut power to the complex around late '77 after a fire at the then still-occupied medical staff residences in building 155, which was NOT connected by any tunnels. The power switch for Edgewood was in the old pilgrim Steam plant so we could not turn it back on! I got to know those tunnels so well I would often enter the complex with NO FLASHLIGHT or matches, by myself, and walk back to the building 102 boiler room to enter day or night. Many nights we'd go up, into the mid 80's after a night out at the bars, and scare the crap out of whoever was hanging out up there. Thanks for all the beer some of you lightweights left behind!!!
KenRad   11/26/2004 8:31:38 PM
joe   4/7/2005 6:58:11 PM
What kind of food is available?
J-B-F   4/7/2005 7:19:26 PM
Faint Sounds of Twisted Sister??,, yeah cause the cement filled tunnels are the only gigs they can get these days
J-B-F   4/7/2005 7:21:30 PM
Caveman6666   4/12/2005 11:23:07 AM
They're filled with dirt under the slabs.
Those covers ain't going anywhere without heavy construction equipment, and I wouldn't fuck with them anyway; DEC is likely to bust you.
JMB   4/13/2005 8:14:21 PM
JMB   4/13/2005 8:14:36 PM
relentlessjames   5/4/2005 11:55:19 PM
gmajor723   8/21/2005 1:43:54 PM
my first time in edgewood we hads gone in through the tunnels, i was like 12 yrs old. and we went all the way down to the power plant from the main building nad back. then security showed up anmd we had to run. i was scared shitless. but i never left. that was like in 77' . yo iownit must know you. yo its herb.
Prodigal Son   8/21/2005 6:51:13 PM
Yo Herb ! You owe me ten bucks !
Prodigal Son   8/21/2005 7:22:26 PM
Anyone remember Paul DiAnno walking down Commack Rd looking for Kentucky Fried Chiken? He was staying at the Deer Park Motor Inn while doing a Battle Zone show at Sundance.
Paul   2/19/2006 6:09:43 PM
Heh, Paul Di'Anno walking down Commack Rd? Fucking funny I don't remember that but was at that show in 86!
rotten13   4/10/2006 4:35:54 AM
I remember Dianno walking down Commack Rd. It was me and Joe Davi who saw him, and offered him a ride. He wouldn't take it though.
tones1965   5/15/2006 6:42:54 PM
aunt ali   6/15/2006 7:13:52 PM
i was reading on this site how everyone cut school and got high in this building, sounds like fun, anyhow is anyone doing anything fundermental with there life... i mean did u guys get jobs....and if so who hired u
mudpaws   8/10/2006 10:32:56 AM
Ha ha...that was actually a curiosity of mine, too. Just to hear what all these people are doing with their lives today? Man, I wish I went into this thing, I'm fascinated by stuff like this! Being where I lived though, I never knew Edgewood existed. Great stuff everyone! Hmm, now where can I get a little backhoe to move the cement covers and dig through the tunnel entrances?
banffspring   10/13/2006 2:36:15 PM
By the train station (long islang ave.) there is a dirt road parallel of the ground of Edgwater, as you follow within 1.5 / 2 miles in there are thousands of expelled shotgun ( red ) shells laying around. Besides the Ticks and gardner snakes, there to the left is a raised cement square with a rusted hinge that the doors were attached to, this was the southern portion of the tunnel system, all you had to do was follow the power lines and there would be this clearing of woods with shit all around ( cars/parts ect ). Deviate from the dirt road tend towards the left, in the wood line there was a SILO like housing that was another portion of the same tunnel, went down this one. Found bed frames and large metal obstructions, frames and I beams, puddles of stained rust colored water, ( need a flashlight ), follows through the power plant portion that had the Mano war and man on a purple mountain spray painted on the railhead portion. Yeah i had friends with feathered mullets and denim jackets, with malboro cigs. Juveniles we were. Strange thing is that 2 of them ended up in the apple clinic in Pilgrim in 1995. Good times, yet dynamic offsets. Take Ta tak take out my stomach and my my kidneys. Hanging from piano wire from the earlobes, BURNING in Ecstasy.
banffspring   10/13/2006 2:40:30 PM
Oh yeah, this all happened from a period of August 1986 with random visits till 1988 sept.
syd   12/8/2007 12:59:38 PM
Tunnels rock. I spent many days and night in the tunnels at Northville Michigan. it is cool to see there were others in different states doing the same. Rock On.
kenrad   12/11/2007 8:24:05 AM
Who the hell were the other sick bastards in the buildings during Hurricane Gloria? We went up there with some beers to ride out the storm and soon found out we were not alone... after trying the powerhouse via the tunnels we headed up to the crown and the wind was SICK up there... stayed inside the burned out area by the water tanks as the ladder was gone and so was the rope as I recall. Watched tumbleweed blow across the old front lawns!I recall seeing a few other metalheads hanging out... so lets hear it if you were there!
kenrad   12/11/2007 8:29:10 AM
BTW has anyone seen that "silo" mentioned by Banffspring? I've been all over and never saw that. found a few old sewer manholes that go nowhere and you DON'T want to go down there anyway. Edgewood has a lot of TB patients and who knows what lurks in those old pipes.

Manholes along the powerlines are just storm drains...

BENJAMINBREGG   2/15/2008 9:52:16 PM
BENJAMINBREGG   2/15/2008 9:54:35 PM
BENJAMINBREGG   2/15/2008 10:00:16 PM
elainer821   8/23/2008 6:48:10 PM
i went through the tunnles feb 2008 flash lights of course i found a picture in one of the buildings of a dead man who died in the tunnle
repudiation   2/11/2009 4:51:51 PM
i went to edgewood las sunday in search of the tunnels. we found a fire hydrant in the middle of a field and a large excavated area with a drain or pipe in the center of it. but no tunnels. if anyone knows a relative proximity to either of theese two land marks it would be a great help so i can explore.
bones   2/22/2009 4:47:19 PM
all the tunnels connected to all the buildings,this was so you never had to go outside to get a body to the morgue.
REPUDIATION   2/26/2009 2:43:31 PM
therein1977   5/26/2009 8:36:40 PM
The Injured. Does anyone know what became of Ted Scmidt. He fell in the shaft about 20 yrs. ago. He broke his pelvis. There was a worker many years before who fell through the same shaft.
Chainsaw   10/16/2009 8:48:52 PM
i had been in the tunnels many times even after the demo job havent been there in many years now but remember off the old blacktop road in the back of the site there used to be a way in was in the middle of the woods a little hard to find tho but after the demo job just went back to where the power station was and bck towards the main bldg again to bad there all gone was some good times there
pjake   9/23/2010 1:31:02 PM
We went to the tunnels to the powerhouse and to a boiler room they linked up the buildings rememember huge pipes on one side I believed that they were used to transport the dead to the morgue there were no rats just broken glass we kept a couple of those plastic gray radio shack flashlights that took the 4 D cell batteries hidden in our stash there along with a bowl,a couple of knifes, and a transistor radio.I miss and cherish those times
Ricky L   10/11/2010 2:01:01 PM
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im in !! the TUNNELS the MONKEY LADY lived in them chicken bones and shit all over the place !! we used to go nuts in that place "booking" down them tunnels leaving the girls behind screaming :)
Edgewood had bed frames stuffed in the elevator shafts from ground to roof !
smashed everything everywhere!! total scene from escape from NY !! the tunnels to the "stacks" and tormenting "donovan's security" donvans come out and play as we hurl huge 2x3x8 cement parapit blocks down from the roof to the ground,, the cat walks in the stack building (powerhouse) were nuts ,, the roof with all the copper !! dammm i miss that place ,, and JIMMY C you posted on here yo whats up bro ??????? hit me up its been 25+ years
Greeko   9/14/2011 7:37:02 AM
We were probably were one of the first to venture into the basement of pilgrims big building back in the mid 70's. we found jars of what I thought were body parts, including a fetus. Busted every window and lightbulb on floor 12. Or twelve story ledge. I would go up to the crown around 3 in the morning by myself and get high waiting to see what friends would show. We were there the night the crown got hit with lightning and burned down. We left because our hair would stand up from static from the on coming storm (lucky for us we did). the last 4th of July before the crown burned, we blew out a security car headlight from the roof with M80's. Yes, we were retarted. I grew up with edge wood and to this day it was the best of times. A time of true freedom and innocence.
wt101   3/30/2013 3:23:55 PM
Anyone remeber about where the tunnel entrances were?...

So now that the whole artea is a preserve, you can go online print out a permit and ride around the whole place at will. Funny, big change from the old days of running from cops, (like the night they waited by our bikes and ambushed us).

Anyway, I was there with my kids today, looking around, trying to find those damn manholes. I remember one being on the grass behind the main sort of by the area of the Gym. That probably got filled in during demo.

I also remember there was an entrance just over OCR in the woods. If you walked from area between nurses and gym over OCR (towards the powerhouse) into the woods. That's the one I was looking for.

Anyone remember where any of the open the entrances were?? I know there were more, some of them bolted shut, but some of them open.

Please post if anyone remembers, I plan to go back and continue looking
EW STORY   9/11/2013 9:14:01 AM

Those entrances are still there, some covered by dirt. There is one still open last time I was there. It had a cement slab on top, but was slid off. It is where the power house used to be. About 40 yards in from the clearing if you were standing in back of the power house's grass edge and main building side. Where the woods start, you go down the trail.
Remember they filled in blockages in the tunnel system. So you can only go so far in any direction. I believe the basements are all still intact, but someone would have to dig to get past each blockage.
The nurse's quarters had a small basement, and there were stairs at the both perimeters. Maybe excavating those stairways would help to access the tunnels through the basement on that side?
There was also a basement under the cafeteria and the tunnel system was even deeper there. There was a large room under the basement of the cafeteria where the tunnel would end and you had to step down into this room. There were two wooden doors on both sides of this room that opened to what looked like a cement roof, but the entire space was filled with dirt to the ceiling. Was very strange to build a room and have it filled with dirt. Maybe they were going to expand and only poured a roof and figured they would continue at a later date which never happened.
I bet even the power house basement is still intact. It would not make sense to remove walls and structure. But some rooms may have been filled in????
fieldnotes   11/16/2013 2:29:20 PM
Can somebody who has an intimate knowledge of the tunnel system email me at This is in regards to a recent missing person whose last known whereabouts likely to be in the vicinity of the preserve. I am not law enforcement. Thank you. -JJ
greg   3/30/2020 10:32:54 AM
i have found about a half dozen cement slabs covering tunnels they several hundred feet apart but so far no open tunnels do they still exist ?
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