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Edgewood State Hospital Maps -
Where was Edgewood State Hospital? Edgewood State Hospital was located on the east side of Commack Rd, between Nicolls Rd and Old Country Rd, in Deer Park.

The main building (building 102) was the tallest in Nassau and Suffolk. You could see the NYC skyline on a clear day, and see the north and south shores on an average day. You also could see the complex from any of the south shore beaches, and from any high spot in Suffolk.

This picture is one of my favorites, because I can still remember this view very clearly. It shows the Edgewood buildings as they appeared from an LIE overpass, near Bagatelle Rd. Today you can see some of the Pilgrim State buildings from this view.

This current day map shows where Edgewood State Hospital once stood.
(Dimensions are approximate.)
It is believed that Commack Road, as it is known today, was built around the time that Edgewood was first constructed (the early 1940's), and was possibly built FOR Edgewood. Old Commack Road, which still exists as pavement, but is no longer an actual traffic-bearing road, can be found to the eastern rear of the grounds. The map to the left shows Western Suffolk in 1941, before Edgewood was completed. The "Commack Road" refered to in this map is OLD Commack Road. "New" Commack Road did not yet exist. Thanks to Eric Aup for researching this. To view this map in it's entirety click here.


This topographic map, from, shows the Edgewood buildings and the surrounding area. Notice the mysterious build 55, which stands all alone, way north of Nurse's Quarters. This building was believed to be destroyed in 1977. Does anyone have pictures of this building?
Special thanks to John from LIOddites for showing me this map.

For a recent overhead map that gives approximations of where the buildings stood, please see the PICTURES section of this site.
Can anyone provide maps or blueprints of the buildings and grounds? How about documentation on the tunnel system?
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iownit   2/10/2004 10:49:35 PM
Joe   2/11/2004 9:57:06 AM
iownit   2/16/2004 4:26:49 PM
i dropped of a few cars thier once my friend drove one in the kitchen hes dead now we burned that place like hell twisted sister
iownit   2/16/2004 4:27:44 PM
hey joe you dont know shit how old r u any way?
Joe   2/16/2004 5:22:59 PM
I am 29, and I don't claim to know anything. I am counting on people like you to share your memories and pictures.
What good is it to have all the information on the place and not share it with the starving people who want to know?
iownit   2/17/2004 1:34:08 PM
ok joe i will fill you in daily im 40 the cross with the s through it graffiti is my mark its all over the place when we first got thier the building was all locked up no access hardly any broken windows and full off furniture we made the first incision did you know thier was an operating room on the top floor more to come the true owner
iownit   2/18/2004 11:06:55 AM
ask me some questions go i will see if i can answer metal god
Joe   2/18/2004 11:33:54 AM
Iownit - Please see the MESSAGE BOARDS section. There is a forum dedicated to Questions & Answers. The COMMENTS section at the bottom of each individual section of the site are meant for comments pertaining to the items in each section.
iownit   2/18/2004 5:36:08 PM
manowar born to live forevermore ok i will try mr joe
OCR   2/18/2004 8:21:43 PM
eddies room
lumen   10/31/2004 12:51:07 PM
Back in the day there were rumours of a cemetary north of the Nurses' Quarters. Could Building 55 have had something to do with that?
KenRad   11/28/2004 4:46:59 PM
Building "55" was really building 155 and was used as a Doctor's residence until the 1977 fire damaged it. It was still occupied at the time, and it is the reason Edgewood had power until 1977. There were many branches to the tunnels once you got close to the core buildings, but the ONLY secret part were a few bricked over dead ends that would have led to other proposed, but never constructed, buildings. Building 155, the chapel(107), the Gym(108) and the old recreational building did NOT have any steam tunnels. All the other buildings did. Most of the entrances were filled up with dirt, and then sealed with concrete.
KEVING   2/23/2006 11:41:12 AM
dannyb   2/23/2006 1:35:17 PM
As far as blueprints of the tunnels, My brother had a crapload of them - rolled up neatly in a tube - I dont know how or where he got them from - this had to be around 79 or 80.

He is in Kuwait right now, Ill drop him an email and see if he still has em. I remember that each blueprint was BIG, in that he rolled one across his bed.

UPDATE: I just got an email back from him. He thinks that he left them in mom/dads attic (by DPA) when he left for the Navy. Knowing my mother however she is notorious for throwing your shit away without asking you if you need it. They are in Mexico till next month, so i will have to wait till they get back before pursuing this further.
dannyb   2/23/2006 3:20:06 PM

this bridge? if so, the answer to your questions are all here
Joe   3/3/2006 2:25:58 PM
Dannyb - Slappy has copies of the blueprints. Dig through the pictures, some of them are floating around.
mike   3/13/2006 10:29:59 AM
Joe, the 1941 map is beautiful! Thanks
AceMAnEp   4/13/2006 5:07:31 AM
yea i remeber Edgewood hospital hahaha as a brentwood hs alumni me and my friends used to go their and get fucking drunk and lissten to metal ahh i can smell those years lol.
brthe bridge at commack rd for holloween we used to throw eggs at cars at night
sabotage supertzar   12/4/2006 2:06:49 AM
hey ocr,eddies room was in the tunnels,no?and iownit must be talkin about B.D.who didnt just drive into the kichen but parked there while hangin out.
justinian43   7/4/2008 6:13:23 PM
peoples please tell me the name of that factory in front of the ruins of edgewood that still stands and has planked windows and has 3 bldgs I want to explore that place but I'm afraid a lot goes on there plus homeless people in there and stuff so please i need the name to research on it
bones   2/22/2009 4:38:42 PM
My parents worked here and i remember driving through the farm and seeing all the crops,i made my dad stop so i could look at the pigs and cows too! My mom told some weird stories of the ice tub treatment.I worked at Kings Park and they have tunnels and sub-basements too!
pjake   10/21/2009 6:20:36 AM
Lord! I wished that I had some of the pics we took back in the mid 70s I lived on E 3rd st in DP my pals and I hung out there from 74 to 78 I hung out there constantly I remember the tunnels gotten lost and was awsome struck I was 13 yrs old when I first came to edgewood ,and every time I was there was an adventure The place was not vandalized so much back then. we gained enterence thru the back of the building ,partied on the crown many times I nearly fell between the two water tanks my first time to the crown. It was so wondreful to sit there and watch the sun rise the day after Halloween 76which three of us were on the crown partying . I regret taking it all for granted . Met so many others but over the years I have forgotten their names as I am sure that they have forgotten mine. I am 49 yrs old now,I have left my e-mail for any one who lived on either on the east or west side of Deer Park who I might have hung out with back then.I live in eastern NC now .I would like to connect with some friends and others I knew ,since I respect the wishes of the site I will refrain from using last names. some people were Philip T., Patrick and Eileen S.,Chris N, David L.,Paul A., Glen H., John V., Gina R., Gigi M., Lisa C,.Jimmy R.,Richard R.,OMG so many others I want to name but, do not have the time at present Thank you for this site and the flood of great memories !
kenrad   9/8/2011 4:16:33 PM
bridge info now located at they knocked it down in 2010. Says there was more pilgrim farmland west of Commack road... now its FAA site
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