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Edgewood State Hospital Buildings
This information in this section of the site has been researched and compiled by Slappy Hornicker. His dedication to Edgewood and his contributions to this site have been priceless.

I am still seeking documentation on the construction of Edgewood Hospital. If anyone can provide news clippings, pictures of construction, or related items, please contact me.

The table below lists all of the buildings that were constructed on Edgewood grounds, along with their years of construction, heights and intended functions. The original intention was for dozens of other buildings to be built, but that never came to be. To view a plot plan of what was "supposed to be", click this link. Special thanks to Sparkhead for creating the image.


Click a building number to see a picture
Building# Design Floors Height(ft) Elevation at base(ft) Original Function Later Function Other Facilities
102 DMH1 1940 132 229 102.5 Infirm, Acute, Medical & Surgical Library, Dental
103 DMH1 1941 3 51.653 99 Female Reception Tubercular and Diabetic Mortuary, Occupational Therapy
104 DMH1 1941 3 51.653 99 Male Reception Drug rehabilitation Occupational Therapy
105 DMH1 1941 1 25.18 98.5 Kitchen & Dining Room
106 Army4 1945 1 N/A5 N/A5 Recreation Building
107 Army4 1945 1 N/A5 N/A5 Gymnasium
108 Army4 1945 1 N/A5 N/A5 Chapel
135 DMH1 1942 3 177.29 81 Power Plant LIRR Spur and Siding
140 DMH1 1941 4 383 102.5 Married Employees' Building Tubercular
Continuing Care
155 DMH1 1941 4 33.16 1 110 Multi-Family Staff Housing
1 New York State Department of Mental Hygiene

2 As built. The original proposal was 14 stories, 241.4'

3 Excludes attic

4 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Additions to the complex when it was Mason General Hospital - Edgewood Section

5 Not Available. The microfilms of the Army building drawings supplied by N.Y.S. Office of General Services are illegible.


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JT   2/15/2020 1:40:36 PM
the buildings seem to call us each one of us even tho its gone somehow each one of us left a part of us there even tho its still not there it calls us
joe   7/12/2015 7:17:19 PM
lord_liam   5/12/2014 10:12:51 PM
Wrathchild i have been up there and seen the twin towers years ago maybe you went up in the day or a hazy night or just wasnt looking for them but from the top of that water tank thru the concrete hatch standing yes i saw the WTC
THE REAL LEO   12/29/2010 2:28:33 PM
ricky l   10/12/2010 7:20:52 AM
what a trip !! vivid memories of that place goin nuts gettin drunk listening to OZZY and taunting Donavan's security running around the tunnels building to building, the cat walks over the coal bins in the "stacks" powerhouse building, crazy shit !!
pjake   9/23/2010 1:47:40 PM
I miss it so much now that I am 50. I remember being up on the crown all night on holloween 1976 yes you can barely make out NYC and to watch the sun come up was worth the cold and wind I will never forget it we were all drunk and wasted remember others partying on the 12 floor roof outside had visitors up to the crown till 1am but we were determined to stay up there all night ...and we did! thank you for the childhood memories Edgewood so many of them,I took my 7 yr old daughter to Pilgrim state in july 2010 and she too has the bug to explore.
wrathchild   12/6/2009 1:07:30 PM
lord liam has no idea what he is talking about...only on very rare occasions when the sun was rising over head on absolutely clear days could you catch a glimmer of sunlight reflecting off a building out west. It might of been the WTC but better chance it was the North Shore Towers.
lord_liam   2/9/2009 8:41:01 PM
that building used attract me like it was calling me, i remember being up in the main building and climbing around the attic up to the water tank then on up to the concrete pad and man you could see NYC no problem!!! i do remember seeing the twin towers from up there one knight! to me getting up there as a slaytanic banger it was like climbing the suburban mt everest! a total rush!
kenrad   12/11/2007 8:51:20 AM
Yeah, I can only imagine the demo bill iff all that other stuff would have been built. But also... how much MORE we could have explored! It would have taken 20 years to demo it all... in fact they would have given up and just given it away to a developer for free I think...
the real one   11/18/2006 9:10:23 PM
also the book shelves were all wood like the old days we burned alot of all that stuff. what a shame
the real one   11/18/2006 9:08:56 PM
i remeber going to the library in the main building towards the D.A.B. made a right turn their it was. if i only new the worth of the books and woodcarved chairs and tables i would have been rich. I took books lots of them but threw them away once when my mother told me to clean my room.
mudpaws   8/15/2006 8:58:44 PM
Hey MusicMad, I hear ya. I was never even involved with any of the mayhem back then (having been from Eastern Suffolk), but I was 17 1/2+ when they imploded bldg 102, so I could've definitely joined in the festivities probably since I was 11-12 years old!I said in another old post...Someone NEEDS to invent time-travel! Hey, are you still in Deer Park? I loved there from 02-05, that's how I found out about this site. Awesome, isn't it? If you know anyone holding out with their old pictures of EW, tell them there is NO WAY they could get in trouble posting them to the site. I just went to a hike at EW this past Sunday, and I heard that there are people that went there and they're afraid that there would be consequences for the stuff they posted to the site. The statute of limitations is WAAAAAAY past things done more than 20 years ago! Plus, we want to see and know everything! Damn, it feels like I was there every time I visit here!
MUSICMAD1   2/26/2006 5:59:59 PM
Hey guys this is one of the best sites around....I love many memories
I wish it was stikk around so i can go back to it...12 story bbq's.................86
Ubbzy   2/7/2006 1:36:51 PM
Could you imagine the Demo bill if they had built all of the structures in the Plot Plan????
mike   1/31/2006 7:08:59 PM
Slappy, YOU ARE THE MAN! Thanks also OZ and Splat for your terrific contributions!
Joe   1/27/2006 4:01:13 PM
Wow, that plot plan was uploaded 2 years ago to the day. Sure doesn't seem like 2 years. Sparkhead, like lots of other people from the "early days" have disappeared. Shame - he knew his stuff.
Mr No one   1/27/2006 11:36:20 AM
Great work Slappy, Sparkhead, and Joe! I looked at the plot plan and it looks like Edgewood would have been similar in layout to the main part of Pilgrim, Admin building first thing when entering, and the roads look like they would have been a practical carbon copy of how the roads at Pilgrim are (I also took note of the buildings that would have been a clone of the 80's group also).
splat169   1/27/2006 6:44:37 AM
Excellent work!! This gave me a lot of information that I never knew.
slappyhornicker   1/23/2006 10:59:57 AM
I really like the color touches you added. Cool!
Joe   1/23/2006 12:01:27 AM
I would love to get my hands on some of those old books. They are probably worth a small fortune.
ozztanic   1/22/2006 4:43:06 PM
Nice work.I remember the library being in 104 though.I'm pretty sure that's where the book i posted pics of was found.It wasn't a very big room,but the room was lined w/book shelves & there was a large pile of books in the middle of the room.That was a long time ago though,maybe i'm wrong.
Joe   1/21/2006 8:35:49 PM
Great job as usual, Slappy. :)
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